The sinus will be subdued without spray if obey this method

Let’s break down a misconception first. Sinus is not a disease, the sinus is a cell located in our head, whose job is to keep the ventilation right.

The problem that occurs when the ventilation is disrupted is what we call ‘sinus’ in common parlance ‘Sinusitis’ in medical terms.

Inflammation of the membranes of these cells is severe when there is no ventilation or mucus accumulation.

The result is a pain in the sinus area too. Many people have this problem if their nasal bones are curved.

Sinusitis is also caused by allergies. Doctors can understand the problem only if the X-ray shows the sinus area as cloudy.

It is advisable to consult a doctor for such problems. However, it is possible to control sinus problems in some domestic ways.

The sinus will be subdued without spray if obey this method

This problem can strike at any time. But doctors are not always available at hand.

Again, there is no way to go to the doctor in all situations. So many times you have to rely on home remedies to get temporary relief.

Take a look at all the methods of sinus will be subdued

1. Hot liquid food-

The main tool in the fight with sinuses is hot liquid food. This makes the mucus accumulated in the nostrils very liquid.

It also removes the pain of holding pressure on the forehead. Nasal Flushing Sinus blockages need to be cleared to relieve this pain.

For this, if the water is drawn from one nose to the other, the mucous membranes or mucous membranes remain moist and this problem does not occur.

Applying this method can also eliminate respiratory problems for nasal flushing, hot water should be kept a little cold in a container.

It is better if the mouth of the pot is narrow. This time the head should be brought to the sink and tilted to the left.

The narrow mouth of the pot should be brought near the right nose and water should be inserted inside the nose.

It has to be taken out from another nose. The nose will clear and headaches or other sinus problems will go away.

2. Rest-

Resting if the pain is too much, the head cannot be lifted then just take a good rest, and the pain can be cured.

In this case, even if you sleep well, it works. Before going to bed, apply one or two drops of eucalyptus oil on the tip of the nose.

Get some rest during sleep if you have a habit of running AC while sleeping, leave it.

If necessary, turn on the AC for an hour or an hour and a half before going to bed, cool the house, and then go to bed with the fan on.

You have a headache, soak a soft cotton cloth in hot water and apply it to your head again and again. Get some comfort.

Head Elevation Sleeping with the head slightly elevated while sleeping helps to clear the sinuses.

3. Drink lots of water in a single day-

Drink plenty of water this can avoid acidity the lower the acidity, the lower the mucus.

Put one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, half a teaspoon of turmeric, a little ginger powder, lemon, a little black pepper, three or four cloves of garlic in water.

When the water boils, take a sip of the mixture. You can also give honey to it. This medicine is very useful to fight the sinus.

Take the vapor Inhale one or two drops of essential eucalyptus oil in steaming hot water.

At this time, if the head is covered with a towel, the whole steam will go and push the frozen mucus. As a result, you will get benefits soon.

4. The grill should be avoided-

Dairy foods, flour, grills should be avoided if you have chronic sinus.

Increase the use of onion, garlic, and ginger in food. This vegetable is a great home remedy for the sinus.

When the body is dry, the sinuses will become dry. So it is important to keep the body moist.

This problem can be solved by drinking a certain amount of water throughout the day in this case it is better to drink a little warm water.

It helps in expelling the sinuses by increasing the nasal mucus velocity. Sinus problems can strike at times.

But doctors are not always available at hand. Again, there is no way to go to the doctor in all situations.

So many times you have to rely on home remedies to get temporary relief.

5. Pull hot water nose –

There is nothing better in the case of sinus than pulling water through the nose. However, it is difficult to practice in one day.

You have to take a little warm hot water in your hand and pull it with one nose and take it out with the other nose.

In this method, the trachea becomes completely clean. Very soon the sinus patient relaxes.

Sinus Steam Inhalation When the sinus part becomes dry, sinus pain starts.

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So steam can be taken to keep the sinuses moist it can be easily done at home. Take hot water in a pot to steam.

With the face slightly above it, the head and the pot should be covered with a thick cloth like a curtain.

Inhale through one nose and exhale through the other if you do this for 2-3 minutes, the sinuses will become moist.


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