Skilled people can also travel to space after the sky: ISRO

ISRO will continue its mission to send people into space even after the spacecraft in 2022.

Skilled people of other professions will also be able to take part in those space travels.

This was stated by the director of the human spaceflight program of the Indian space research organization (ISRO).

This was said by Lolithambika while speaking about Gaganyan at the International Conference and Exhibition on Space.

About India’s new era in space research, he said “There is great enthusiasm for space research among the new generation in India”.

Skilled people can also travel to space after the sky: ISRO

There has been interesting in the whole country about special space missions.

For the first round of the spacecraft, we have selected a few people who have previous experience of flying in the sky.

Four Indian Air Force pilots have been selected for the first phase of the mission.

However, in the next people who have acquired skills in other professions for space travel will also be able to take part.

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India will continue its mission to send people into space even after the 2022 spacecraft, said ISRO’s director of human spaceflight program. VR Lolithambica.

The first unmanned aerial vehicle was scheduled to arrive in December this year.

ISRO will conduct two manned missions or unmanned missions before sending people into space.

ISRO will send people into space in the space mission in December 2021.

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has postponed the first part of the space mission due to coronavirus it has already been reported that ISRO is thinking.

Two years ago, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the Gaganyan campaign in his Independence Day speech.

India will send a three-member team into space for five to seven years between 2022.

India will mark 75 years of independence in 2022 on that occasion.

The year 2022 has been chosen for this special space mission.

ISRO had earlier said that many activities of the space agency had been hampered due to the corona.

For that reason, it was also indicated that several missions may be delayed.

Apart from the spacecraft one of ISRO’s most significant missions due to Corona is the Chandrayaan-3.

India’s third mission to the moon, Chandrayaan-3 was scheduled to launch later this year.


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