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amazonite stone

13 Wonderful Benefits Of Amazonite Stone

Amazonite Stone Amazonite Stone takes its name from the Amazon River. The shape and structure are similar to that of the Amazon River. Although not... Read more »

21 Amazing Benefits Of Unakite Stone

Benefits Of Unakite Stone Unakite Stone A relatively new gemstone, Unakite naturally combines two minerals, pink feldspar, and pistachio green epidote. Unakite Stone is a stone believed to facilitate... Read more »
aquamarine stone benefits

Aquamarine Stone Benefits and Uses

History and Facts of Aquamarine Stone Derived from the Roman word “aqua,” meaning water” and “mare” meaning sea, Aquamarine Stone gem does indeed resemble the color of... Read more »
amethyst stone

Top 8 Best Health Benefits Of Amethyst Stone

Amethyst Stone History Amethyst Stone is a purple variety of quartz often used as an ornamental stone in jewelry. Traditionally included in the “cardinal‟ or most valuable, gemstones (along... Read more »
benefits of turquoise stone scaled 1

What is Turquoise Stone? Benefits Of Turquoise Stone: Meaning & More

We will share the answer to the question of what is a turquoise stone with you in detail in this article. Turquoise stone, which is dazzling... Read more »
goshenite stone benefits

Goshenite Stone: Meaning, Health Benefits, Uses And Warnings

Goshenite stone is a clear and colorless type of Beryl and is considered the purest of Beryls. It contains less pollution compared to other colored Beryl... Read more »
Benefits of afghanite stone

Afghanite Stone: What is Afghanite? Meaning, Uses, Benefits (With Video)

What is Afghanite Stone? Afghanite stone is a stone with crystal-like corners with beautiful bright light-dark tone transitions in shades of blue or dark blue, close to... Read more »
jade stone benefits

11 Amazing Benefits Of Jade Stone: Jade Stone Massage & Meaning

Jade stone is the stone that protects you from magic. It is also known as the happiness stone. It collects negative electricity in the body,... Read more »
topaz stone benefits

15 Best Benefits Of Topaz Stone: Healing Properties, Types & Uses

Among the great benefits of topaz stone is to improve eye health, to protect from epidemics and to give energy. Topaz stone, which is of the... Read more »
Pyrite stone is good for skin diseases

Top 15 Benefits Of Pyrite Stone: Uses, Properties, Warnings & Meaning

Pyrite stone with golden spots on it is recommended for stomach pains and indigestion problems. We can say that the pyrite stone benefits, which are also effective in... Read more »