Do your mobile data disappear instantly? How to save data?

Just recharged mobile internet all the mobile data disappears as soon as it is needed. Such complaints can be heard from customers.

However, it is his fault, but it should not be pushed on the neck of the telecom operator!

Telecom service providers are the only ones in the country to offer mobile internet at such a low price.

So without pushing the ball to their court, customers need to be a little more careful when using mobile data.

First, it is important to turn off mobile data before going to bed at night.

Also, when it is not needed, what is the benefit of keeping the useless mobile data on!

There are also several other ways you can save your mobile data. Find out how Android users can save the internet on their smartphones.

Use Wi-Fi regularly –

Use Wi-Fi as much as you can. This is the easiest and best way to save mobile data.

When you are doing an urgent task from your smartphone, which requires a huge amount of data, you must use Wi-Fi.

Do your mobile data disappear instantly? How to save data?
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Also, stop using mobile data as much as possible in case of watching any streaming or live match.

If possible, try Wi-Fi. There is no alternative to this plan to keep your data plan alive for many days.

1. Don’t use heavy-data apps with mobile internet –

Some streaming apps force customers to spend extra data. That list includes multiple mobile apps like Spotify, YouTube, or Netflix.

Stop using such apps by consuming data if you want to see it alone, then set a limit from your Android device.

When using such heavy data apples, you must resort to Wi-Fi.

2. Limit data usage for certain apps in your mobile –

In the case of the long-run, if you can limit the data usage of your smartphone, then a big profit.

For this, you need to turn on a special feature from the phone.

Here’s how to do it –

i. Go to the settings option of your Android device and first click on ‘Apps’.

ii. Now tap on the app that you want to limit the data.

iii. Now click on the ‘Mobile Data’ option.

iv. Now if your background data usage is enabled, the ‘Allow background data usage’ option will appear in white and blue.

To disable this feature, click on the slider.

Set a specific data limit on your Android mobile –

Once you recharge the new data pack, set the data limit. And as a result, your mobile internet can save a lot.

Learn how to set data limits on your mobile –

 i. Go to the settings option from your Android device.

ii. Then tap on the ‘Connections’ option.

iii. Click on the ‘Data usage’ option.

iv. Now click on Mobile data usage.

v. Now click on the gear icon at the very top right of your mobile screen.

Here you can tie a data warning for your phone. You can also set limits when your phone runs out of data.

Turn on data saver mode on a smartphone –

When all attempts fail, the data saver mode will light up the light of hope.

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Once this special mode is turned on your smartphone, it will reduce the data usage rate of any app on Android.

Learn how to turn on this option –

i. Open the Settings app from your Android device.

ii. Tap on ‘Connections’.

iii. Tap on the ‘Data Usage’ option.

iv. Now tap on the ‘Data saver’ option.

v. Now if your data saver mode is off, then the slider will be white.

Tap on the slider to turn on data saver mode then it will turn blue.


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