Cosmic seen Jupiter & Saturn coming together on Christmas

The world is going to witness a great cosmic seen in the Christmas sky.

From December 16 to 25, the two largest planets in the solar system, Jupiter and Saturn, are going to come very close to each other.

In this case, December 21 will be the closest Saturday and Thursday that view can be easily enjoyed.

According to experts, the world is going to witness such an event for the first time in hundreds of years.

The event of the planets approaching this is called the Christmas Star from the 18th to the 25th of this December month, the next ten evening the planets will be close to each other.

However, December 21 will be the closest Saturday and Thursday. This rare sight can be seen in the night sky after sunset on 21st December.

In this case, after December 21, Saturn and Jupiter will gradually begin to separate.

Cosmic seen Jupiter & Saturn coming together on Christmas

At some point, that is, at the beginning of 2021, the two planets will disappear like themselves in the abyss of the solar system.

Jupiter will move away from Saturn and start orbiting the Sun again according to the laws of nature.

The same thing will happen in the case of Saturn. However, this scene can be seen again.

Astronomers estimate that if all goes well, the planet will be seen approaching again on October 31, 2040.

How can this cosmic scene be seen?

Since they will be closest on December 21, Jupiter’s satellite, as well as Saturn’s ring, can be seen with a telescope.

In this case, those who live in the country along the equator can enjoy the subject best.

According to the famous astronomer Jeffrey Hunt, this scene can be seen with the naked eye on the 21st.

On this day, after sunset, one should keep an eye on the southern sky.

In this case, the work will go to the binocular or small telescope. Astronauts can also capture this scene on camera.

Pictures can be easily taken by placing a tripod-mounted camera.

According to astronomers, the process of approaching planets in this way is called Conjunction Of Planets.

According to Christianity, it is also called the Christmas star.

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In the seventeenth century, the German astronomer Johannes Kepler also explained this in detail.

According to astronomers and astronomers, the earth witnessed this event some 600 years ago.

Even if it is not very close, Jupiter and Saturn, the two largest planets in the solar system, can be seen in the same line.


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