At dinner time you must follow these rules

At night our physical activity decreases a lot. As busy as we are throughout the day, the body and mind go into rest mode after the evening.

That’s why experts recommend light meals at night. Eating heavier foods at night can cause digestive problems.

There are a few more rules of dinner to keep your bodies healthy. If we do not obey the rules, then you will silently hasten our own death.

Here are some rules you must follow at dinner time for a healthy body –

1. A light sip of a glass of wine helps you relax as you prepare dinner back home at the end of the day.

But remember that eating cocktails just before dinner is not good for health at all. This increases the amount of food.

A survey of 24 men was conducted. Some are given vodka mixed with orange juice and others are just given orange juice before dinner.

At dinner time you must follow these rules

It was found that those who drank alcohol ate 11 percent more food. The tendency to eat fatty foods increases, especially after alcohol.

2. Drink a glass of water before eating at night. Otherwise, if the body is dehydrated, headaches, constipation, and fatigue can occur.

Drinking less water can lead to digestive problems and weight gain. Drinking water before meals also reduces the tendency to overeat.

3. No matter how much is written on the plastic container, microwave safe, still do not put the plastic bowl in the microwave.

Many of us heat dinner in the microwave. But not in a plastic bowl, heat food in a glass bowl.

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When you heat food in a plastic bowl, various harmful chemicals can enter your body and create problems.

4. Be sure to include vegetables for dinner. If you don’t have vegetables for dinner, you will have heart problems in the near future.

One in 12 people die of heart disease simply because they do not eat enough vegetables.

5. Must have protein as well as vegetables at dinner. If you don’t have protein, you will get hungry very quickly, and eating bad snacks will make your body worse.

So you must have one piece of fish or two pieces of chicken for dinner.

6. Don’t eat too fast. Always eats Slowly chew and eat well. Playing in a hurry can cause heart problems.

7. Take a light walk after dinner. Studies have shown that people who sit for a long time after dinner get sick easily.

These can include heart disease, diabetes, kidney problems, and liver problems.


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