A pet dog increase the human life span

It’s no longer a matter of the present a human’s relationship with a dog dates back to that ice age benefit of both.

The last stage of the Ice Age was about 11,000 years ago. This information has been known from a study.

Which emphasized the relationship between humans and dogs this study was published in the journal Science.

A team of researchers from the University of Francis Creek tested the genes of 28 types of dogs in Europe and Siberia.

Research shows that dogs were the first animals to be domesticated.

The structure of the dog’s gene began to differ from that of the wolf species twenty-five thousand years ago.

Another recent study found that dog owners have a longer lifespan.

This study was also published in The Journal of the American Heart Association.

The study found that this method is especially effective in patients who have had a heart attack or stroke.

A comparative trial was conducted with people who have a pet dog at home, with people who do not have a dog.

A pet dog increase the human life span

A study of 1,82,000 people who had a heart attack at one time or another found that only 6 percent had a heart attack or stroke.

All the participants in the survey are residents of Sweden.

Studies have shown that having a dog at home maintains the physical ability to take care of it, resulting in very few hospitalizations.

People who live alone at home can have serious physical problems.

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However, if there are dogs with older people, mobility is much higher. In that case, the risk of dying from a heart attack is reduced by 33 percent.

If you live with a partner instead of a pet, the chances of death are reduced by 15 percent.

The risk of death is reduced by 26 percent after a stroke patient is hospitalized.

In this case, if you have a partner instead of a pet, the risk is reduced by only 12 percent, says the survey!


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